Valley Elementary School

Expectations, Effort, Excellence!

Welcome to the Valley Elementary School website. Learning and fun go hand in hand in our kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms. We are a tight-knit community of hard working, hard playing, success-oriented individuals who work together to bring about the academic and personal success of every student in our care. Please visit the pages on this website to learn more about us.

A Message from Our Principal

Welcome to the Valley Elementary School website and welcome to our community of parents, teachers, and learners! Valley Elementary School is one of five elementary schools in Park County School District #6. The school became established in 1918 to serve students living in the beautiful and picturesque South Fork Valley. In 2018, we celebrated our 100th year of success! 

Valley School is a K-5 elementary with a current population of eight students. One teacher and a paraprofessional serve the mixed-grade and combined-curriculum classroom on a daily basis. Additional specialists from Cody Schools serve the Valley students on a weekly basis. The school also has a part-time custodian who helps to maintain a safe, clean, and orderly environment.

While working closely with all elementary schools, our curriculum and instruction include reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. We provide art, physical education, music, and media/library instruction on a weekly basis via shared teachers from the various in-town schools. We teach reading using a combination of balanced literacy with leveled books and the utilization of Houghton Mifflin’s Journeys basal. For writing, we focus upon the writing workshop approach guided by the frameworks of the Six Traits of Writing model. This year, we are also studying from and embracing the Lucy Calkins: Units of Study for Writing. We formalized our mathematics program using Houghton Mifflin’s Expressions series. In math, our emphasis is on number sense, math facts, and problem-solving skills. The Valley staff wisely supplement areas of our curriculum on an ongoing basis, as well as enhance learning through the effective utilization of technology. They also create learning adventures in which our Valley students join Wapiti and/or Glenn Livingston Elementary frequently during the school year.

Our school improvement goals focus upon reading, writing, and mathematics. Although we maintain admirable test scores, we persistently seek ways in which we can improve. Each year, we continue with our endless pursuit of exemplar Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Our Valley instructors participate each week in a rural school PLC that includes Wapiti Elementary. The staff also works closely with the instructional coaches and teachers from both Glenn Livingston Elementary and Eastside Elementary.

At Valley School, we are extremely fortunate to have a highly involved and very supportive parent group. Our parents and families volunteer numerous hours ensuring all students are meeting learning goals and maximizing their potential, as well as helping to provide amazing project-based learning opportunities. They have a long and storied history of supporting and supplementing needs specific to Valley School.


Mike Wood

Mr. Mike Wood